Holla fellas, time to talk about some things, to share some thoughts.

I guess most of us have noticed what has been going on with GME and the sub reddit of Wallstreetbets. Currently as Robinhood and others have stopped out people buying we should talk about some things. Decentralization stuff.

We are seeing now a shakeout in the financial sector.. both sides fighting to each other. wallstreet vs. average dudes. They are claiming for what we deserve and what has been held down for far too long. I wont discuss here, that it is a fair market and those hedgefunds…

Got the urge to write sth, been a while since my last post.

I had many days where i thought i really should write sth about Fyooz.io and why i felt in love with it. As crypto markets mature, and we re moving on into a stage of adoption on the wide market i decided to write n post this here today. Just for that a few questions of the community can get theirs answers because once i fell in Love with sth. i am diggin really deep into it.

So, hey , ho.. Lets go!

Fundamentally, there is a…

We had a lot of recognition on the Cryptocurrency market in the last Days, so i decided to write an short article for our Newcomers to get an in Depth explanation About our two Projects DLP and DDIM. Feel free to visit Duckdao.io

First of all, everything has started in 2016 with a group of individuals in the crypto Space who decided to pool together, over the years we had grown into a community. Many different Individuals with different Skillsets. Connected to the Love of Cryptocurrencys.

What is Duckdao? -> The first community driven incubator in the cryptocurrency market. We…


Quack Quack, been an Egg before, evolved to a Duck. Quack.

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