Wallstreetbets / Crypto / War, and why decentralization matters

Holla fellas, time to talk about some things, to share some thoughts.

I guess most of us have noticed what has been going on with GME and the sub reddit of Wallstreetbets. Currently as Robinhood and others have stopped out people buying we should talk about some things. Decentralization stuff.

We are seeing now a shakeout in the financial sector.. both sides fighting to each other. wallstreet vs. average dudes. They are claiming for what we deserve and what has been held down for far too long. I wont discuss here, that it is a fair market and those hedgefunds got what they deserved for holding down economics of whole companys. Nothing to complain about that. It has been pulled straight to the other side now. It is an open market. So those hedgers should deal with it, in the same way those companys had to deal with it.

But i want to talk about something else.. I want to talk about power.

Power, which has been holding us down.

Power, which does not want to give something back to the people.

Power, which has been pulled away from the establishment.

Power, which has been used to work for the establishment. (As robinhood and others decided “to protect” users. Or to simply fuck with them through taking away theirs possibility to trade as they wish)

Power, which we have as people. As acting as a collective.

And Power, which we re claiming back now! It is our turn now, to don´t give something back to the establishment. They deserve NOTHING for holding us down far too long.

U may ask, for which reason i tagged decentralization here?

It is our shield, our protection, our armor against those morons who are trying to take everything we have achieved. Our sword against those who try to attack us with holding us suppressed with which we can and are fighting back now.

There is no cutoff in a fully decentralized network. There is no touch through the establishment. There is no “ i restrict u from doing shit “ if no other than the protocol itself holds the power to do so.

We re seeing it, people held down. Printing money like shit. Fucking the economy. Fucking small Business owners with theirs decision to claim and hold on to power. We re seeing it. U fucking Gangsters.

It is just a matter of time till which we will see some kind of a world wide Dollar. Something those greedy assholes can control. To control us, to control what we re doing. To control when and how long we need to work. To control how many(or less) we “should” earn in theirs eyes.

I wont give something back to u greedy motherfuckers. I declare war!

Why i went all in crypto? Because u greedy pestilence motherfuckers can´t take shit away from me. U can forbid me to do things. I guess time will come as u do it. But there wont be a way to take anything away from me. So fuck u!

We re out here, in the Internet. Distributed all over the world. We re building our own economy. And u fucktards get nothing, go print your money, go try to hold us down, u wont break us. U cant see us. U don´t know what we own, or what we don´t own.

We don´t need your fucking banks in the future. We build Defi!

We don´t need your fucking “u cant do that” “oh no, u have to do that”

Fuck u! Morons!

Its our turn now!

Quack Quack, been an Egg before, evolved to a Duck. Quack.